Admission Criteria

All the students must be the inhabitants of India and they should have minimum identity proof.

Admission Procedure

Admission to course is based on the eligibility norms and on an aptitude test when applicable. The admission system is fully online, no admission form is required. Candidates can visit our website ( for more details. Admission granted to a particular student is non-transferable. Students granted admission is required to submit 1 passport size colour photographs & Xerox copies of certificates and also produce Original Certificates for verification.


The students seeking admission in OSKINGS will have to deposit one time registration fees of Rs. 500/- for each course.

Rules & Regulations for Students

The Institute places a very high emphasis on discipline of students both inside and outside the campus. Students must abide by the Institute rules and agree to conform to the rules and regulations enforced from time to time. They must not do anything either inside or outside the Institute that will Interfere with its orderly governance, discipline and image.

  • The students have to be very punctual in attending theory & practical classes.
  • The students must come to the institute with formal dress and proper Identity Cards. Student coming without proper Identity Card may not be permitted to enter the institute.
  • Students are expected to maintain proper discipline and decorum. They must maintain a good conduct and behaviour in the class.
  • Mobile Phones and other Electronics gadgets should be switched off inside the class, laboratory and library..
  • Students are strictly prohibited from possessing or consuming spirits, tobacco products and narcotic drugs either within or outside the campus, and if found violating this will be rusticated immediately.
  • Students must not indulge in any kind of misconduct or indiscipline or anti-social activities within or outside the Campus.
  • For using the lab, beyond the allocated time, students must take permission from their concerned faculty or Director.
  • No external storage devices like CD, DVD, Pen drives etc. are allowed inside the classrooms or labs and in case the requirement arises, the prior permission should be obtained from concerned Faculty or Director.
  • Use of printout, CD ROMs, internet time and e-mail facilities may be permitted against payment of appropriate fees, decided by concerned authority or Director.
  • Eatables and other outside material are not permitted in classrooms or labs.
  • Students shall not damage the property of the Institute. Cost of such damage will be recovered from students, or parents/guardians of the students.
  • Students are advised to read the notice boards regularly.
  • If the students are having any complaints / suggestion, they may contact the Director.